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It is the roof that has to take the brunt of nature’s extremities during its entire life and hence utmost care must be taken in selection of the right roofing material. Wrong choice of roofing and cladding can create losses in terms of human lives and material in cases of natural disasters A good reliable roof with least number of complications gives peace of mind to meet these challenging needs of the customers, JSW offers superior quality Galvanised Corrugated sheets under the brand name “Jindal Vishwas”

Jindal Vishwas is the seal of a reliable & dependable product in which millions have placed trust & confidence across the country. Jindal Vishwas GC sheets are best suited and optimal for Indian conditions. Jindal Vishwas GC sheets when evaluated on life cycle cost basis, with competing products on factors like durability, ease of installation, maintenance, resale value prove to be the most favorable choice available. It is environmental friendly and offers goodaesthetic appeal and unrivaled flexibility for future expansion plans. Moreover, it is economical to use Jindal Vishwas GC sheets, as it requires lighter supporting structure.

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Jindal Vishwas GC sheets are an ideal choice for roofing & cladding applications because of their superior strength and longer life. They conform to IS 277 specification and undergo stringent salt spray & humidity quality tests to ensure their performance in all weather conditions. The higher corrugation depth and appropriate hardness coupled with higher corrosion resistance from its uniform zinc coating of 120 gsm makes it suitable for decades of usage in challenging environmental conditions.

Light Weight

The light weight – high strength combination of Jindal Vishwas GC sheets makes them economical, as it requires lighter supporting structure & reduces transportation costs. They also ensure maximum protection to the occupants against the fury of nature. During monsoon, they do not absorb moisture & gain weight, unlike other roofing material where the deed load increases due to moisture absorption.

Ease of Installation

It is quick, easy & convenient to install Jindal Vishwas GC sheets due to their low weight & zero breakages. It also helps to reduce worker fatigue since heavy lifting is significantly reduced. The availability of Jindal Vishwas GC sheets in a wide product range also makes the installation easy & convenient with minimum wastage.

Low Maintenance

Jindal Vishwas GC sheets are virtually maintenance free. A few basis steps such as annual inspection & periodic clearing of accumulated leaves, bird droppings or other debris and checking on the roof top accessories particularly gutters and drains ensure years of low maintenance usage.

Environment Friendly

Jindal Vishwas GC sheets have a long life and if eventually replaced are recyclable without losing quality. They do not pollute rainwater or air unlike other roofing material which loose fibre or material particles leading to cancer and other pleural diseases.

Thermal Comfort

Low thermal mass and high heat reflectivity of Jindal Vishwas GC sheets make them a thermally efficient roofing choice providing thermal comfort to the occupants and reducing heating and cooling costs. Proper ventilation and insulation of walls and ceilings spaces can further add to the comfort of the home.


Unlike other roofing material, Jindal Vishwas GC sheets do not require application of insecticide or other hazardous chemicals to cleanse the roof of fungi, moss, insects and other irritants.

Fire Protection

Jindal Vishwas GC sheets are non-combustible and will not burn or support the spread of fire. In the event of a catastrophe, theses sheets preserve the integrity of the roof structure long enough to ensure a safe escape.

Value for Money

Jindal Vishwas GC sheets are available in full length & micrometer thickness ensuring maximum weight per sheet. They also come in uniform pitch & depth for minimum overlaps, resulting in lesser no. of sheets. When evaluated on a life cycle cost basis, in comparison to substitute products on factors like durability, installation, maintenance and resale value, proves to be the most favorable choice available.

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